By Pastor Lin on 2/26/2020

God has totally blown me away recently!! I I can't believe how He has moved recently!  I have been offered an amazing book-writing opportunity!  iIt came out of the blue!  I have been praying about what to do with my writing for awhile now - and this guy calls me up totally out of the blue and asks me to write one??? God had asked me to put my my writing aside at one point to start a church and at the time, it broke my heart! I was just getting established as a full time writer and getting published a lot! My dream from when I was a little girl was finally coming true, and God asked me to put it aside to start a church? (I wasn't happy!) But that's exactly what I did- He promised I would come back to it! And I've felt God nudging me lately but had no idea where to begin again! So He has this big publisher call me up out of the blue? I am blown away - ONLY GOD! It's an awesome opportunity - I will be the only author - it will have a HUGE distribution - be on amazon - be in Barnes and Noble ...

Ebb and Flow

By Pastor Lin on 1/22/2019

Last Sunday was the first time we had to cancel our Sunday worship services in 11 years of being at the theater. It was a wise decision between the bad roads and sub-zero temperatures.  But I really missed my church family!

I can't imagine doing life without a church family. Life can get pretty rough sometimes and we really need a church family to lift us up in prayer and encourage us in our faith. Being a Christian without a church is a contradiction to what it means in being a Christian.  The church is the living body of Christ after all and so much of the Word of God is all about relating to a church family. Loving them, serving them, supporting God's work there and on and on.

Just as there is a rhythm to life - there is a rhythm to the church - an ebb and flow if you will.  There are life cycles and seasons in the life of a church.  That's because it is a living, breathing organism and not an organization. It is created by God, for God and for His people.

With every family, every person that comes and leaves - the church changes and seems to morph a bit. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the not so good but every part of the body being shaped by the Mighty Hand of God.  He gives and He takes away.  He grows and He prunes. 2018 was a year of growing and flourishing with only some minor pruning. I think 2019 will continue to be a year of much growing and blessing! But there is still an ebb and flow- even in the growing. (It works this way for personal growth as well.)

Someone once said about church planting, the growth takes place in the form of stair steps - not a straight curve.  I have found this to be very true. I am very excited about all that God will do through BHCC in the coming year.  He sure did a lot in the last 11 years! I can't wait to welcome more family members home! I can't wait to see all that God will do and transform in the coming year!

Won't you join me in praying for our church? A lot of lives have been impacted and changed for all eternity!  Let's pray for hundreds, even thousands more!  To God be all the glory forever and ever! Amen!