Healthy Churches Grow

By Pastor Lin on 9/19/2018

It's so exciting to see the spiritual momentum at BHCC recently! We have set records for monthly average attendance in 7 out of the 8 months of 2018! PTL - because the Bible says, only He can grow the church! Our job, as His servant leaders is to do what we can to keep the church healthy and make sure there is nothing getting in the way of keeping it from growing because we KNOW, God WANTS to grow His church!

Our church has grown 12% over last year and that is considered excellent growth by church growth experts. And our giving has more than kept pace with a growth of offerings at a 13% growth over last year! We are so excited to see God working in us and through us! We are seeing many people come to Christ and many more people growing in their faith!

It truly humbles me. I am ever aware that I am simply the Lord's servant here in this place and I feel more like an observer than a worker most of the time. I am truly amazed to just watch how He shows up and brings about so many amazing things through His people! And I'm incredibly grateful! Grateful for how He invites us to participate in His Divine work! It's so amazing to watch Hiim change life after life for the better! I watch as people's whole countenance's change after coming to His church for a short time! It's miraculous!

I can't wait for our October Open House! We are doing our biggest direct mail invite ever! I am already praying for the people who will come! Future friends and family members!  Changed lives! God showing up and somehow walking amongst us! We all have a story to tell!  Hopefully, a story that leads us to the Savior of the world!  Thanks be to God!