Easter is Coming in less than 3 weeks!!

By Pastor Lin on 3/27/2017

Easter us coming in less than 3 weeks! Last year, Easter was in March, but this year, Easter is the third Sunday of April! I love having Easter a little later in April because it means a better chance of warm temps and Spring in full progress!

Easter and Spring go so well together! I love seeing all the NEW LIFE in Spring which reminds me of our NEW LIFE in Christ! Things that have been hidden and dormant for so long - suddenly burst forth in living clarity! That is a great parable to what our new life in Christ becomes!

There are so many good and wonderful things happening at our church! I have been (personally) feeling the growth in a multitude of ways! Next Sunday is our annual CELEBRATION (Vision) Sunday! And we have a lot to celebrate!

One thing I am celebrating today is a new post someone put on our church's Facebook page yesterday. Regarding their first visit to our church, she said: "The most welcoming people I have ever met the most relaxed environment very informal and very refreshing. A church like I've never gone to before complete with leather reclining seats an awesome band Continental breakfast and coffee. God is good!"

That's not the first time I've heard that by far, but it sure puts a big smile on my face to see it in writing! It's a great reflection of who we are as a church! The other comments I've often heard are "The people and pastors of this church are so sincere and down to earth! And I totally relate to the messages that help my every day life."

That is exactly who we strive to be in accordance of how we feel called by Christ to be as a church. So it's a great blessing for us to hear those things spoken back to us from visitors and people new to our church. (And for that matter, from the people who have been here for a long time!)  If you want the real deal, then you would fit in well at our church! We won't give you any 'phoney bologny' in this church. Our highest values as followers of Christ are sincerity, grace, lots of grace, and unconditional love. I think this is the reason we attract so many non-believers continually to our church. We set an atmosphere that the love of Jesus can easily work and flow in hearts; resulting in transformed lives as only our Lord can accomplish! We are a true non-judgment zone!

The result is our church continues to grow steadily. No, we have not seen rapid growth. We have little 'transfer growth' from other churches (though we have some) - but we are very content with that because what we are experiencing is many, many people finding Christ and salvation for the first time at our church! And that is the power of Christ that moves among and within us!

I am incredibly grateful to the loving and supportive people in our church. Our Lord is doing a great work of growing His Kingdom in our midst. I love watching Him work and seeing Him show up in His people and their lives in a myriad of ways! "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!"  

Easter is coming SOON! But, even more exciting,  is the fact that JESUS is coming BACK SOON! Let's get ready and celebrate all that He has done for us! "It is Finished" on the cross!