Women's Ministry

Women of HOPE is a network of women, dedicated to following Christ and serving one another and the community at large. It is our mission to lives of HOPE. -  Humility, Outreach, Purpose, and Enthusiasm, as described below:

Humility is a misunderstood virtue, one that people tend to equate with having a low view of yourself and of your role in the world. But that is not true of Women of HOPE! We believe that humility is a sense of subordination to God through Jesus. Humility means putting others first, but out of love and care, not out of disregard for the self. After all, if we don't honor and appreciate ourselves and our gifts, we will be limited when it comes to expressing our next virtue...

Our religion is one of loving Jesus by loving others. Plain and simple. As such, it is imperative that each of us does what we can to be whole and well, that we have a clear sense of our gifts and talents and are dedicated to developing our skills and character to the best of our ability, with the help and encouragement of other women. After all, the more we have, the more we are, and the richer we are in all ways, the more we can dedicate our gifts and resources to the care and development of others.  

Women of HOPE live with a passion to fulfill our divine destinies. We know that we are "wonderfully and fearfully made" for a reason. As a true expression of the body of Christ in the world, we embrace and celebrate our unique calling, knowing that each individual purpose is central to fulfilling the purpose of the whole. 

The word "enthusiasm" comes from the two Greek words, "en theos" which means "God within." We do all we do with the energy and vitality of the Holy Spirit. We celebrate life! We celebrate our community! We celebrate our God! And we celebrate YOU!