By Pastor Lin on 2/26/2020
God has totally blown me away recently!! I I can't believe how He has moved recently!  I have been offered an amazing book-writing opportunity!  iIt came out of the blue!  I have been praying about what to do with my writing for awhile now - and this guy calls me up totally out of the blue and asks me to write one??? God had asked me to put my my writing aside at one point to start a church and at the time, it broke my heart! I was just getting established as a full time writer and getting published a lot! My dream from when I was a little girl was finally coming true, and God asked me to put it aside to start a church? (I wasn't happy!) But that's exactly what I did- He promised I would come back to it! And I've felt God nudging me lately but had no idea where to begin again! So He has this big publisher call me up out of the blue? I am blown away - ONLY GOD! It's an awesome opportunity - I will be the only author - it will have a HUGE distribution - be on amazon - be in Barnes and Noble - Target - Cosco and MORE! It will probably be out by this summer! (Quick turn-around!) I will get free books and books for 50% off! I just want God to get all the GLORY in this! Remember, a very short time ago, I gave a sermon called "Comeback -Discovering the Power of Gratitude!(Still on the website.) " I was in rough shape 6 short months ago! Had a rough time being grateful at that point - but you all prayed much for me and now it feels like God has turned it all around! Amazing! I want this to not only to give God incredible glory - but to encourage all of you - No matter how bad things look on the surface - nothing is impossible for God! When you make HIM the desire of your heart - He will give you the desires of your heart! I am living proof! Praise our amazing God! Thank you all for praying for me!