God is on the MOVE at BHCC!

By Pastor Lin on 1/25/2016

I can't stop thanking God and praising HIM for all He continues to do in and through BHCC!!!

Here's just a few of the exciting things He has done recently!

Yesterday, five people took BHCC 101 and 'officially' joined our church! I loved hearing them describe how much this church means to them and how much they look forward to coming to Sunday service every week! Three out of the five found Christ for the first time at BHCC!

Five other people took 401 & 201 Classes and we had a fabulous home cooked dinner at the end! Great fellowship!

Many, many people have found Christ for the first time at our church recently and MANY have recommitted their lives to following Jesus!

Our small groups continue to grow and flourish! Praying to start many more in a few months!

Since going to video-taping our services and putting them on line last Fall - we are averaging between 60-70 people per week who are viewing our services on the web - this is awesome and we expect to see this continue to increase!

We have had many of our people bringing friends and family to Sunday services recently - and most all have continued to come back and feel they are at home! 

Our church has increased by around 50 people in a year! PTL! Only He can grow the church!

We have around 35 volunteers that make Church at the movies happen every week! I am continually amazed at how WELL everyone works together to serve the LORD and sincerely enjoys doing it! We have such unity and humility in this church! God is PRESENT!

There is so much MORE happening than room to write about in this blog! BHCC has truly become the church of my dreams and I LOVE how we do church together as a TEAM effort! I can't imagine serving our LORD Jesus any other way!

To HIM be the GLORY forever and ever! AMEN!

Pastor Lin :-)