Churches working together???

By Pastor Lin on 9/15/2015

God has put it on the BHCC's Leader's hearts for some time now to be a vessel / spark / conduit in our area to encourage His churches to work together in harmony for the good of the Kingdom of God. Recently - He's given us more opportunities to do exactly that. We are very excited about this, knowing He is the One opening doors and making it happen!

This coming Friday, Sept.,18th, The Webster United Methodist Church and Blessed Hope CC will be co-hosting an amazing event at the Webster UMC called "We are Rochester."  The vision for this event originated with the incredibly gifted band called The City Harmonic. Very recently, City Harmonic completed a tour with the NEWSBOYS! They are a Canadian Band that has won many awards for their music and is definitely on a mission from God beyond the music!

It's so cool how God puts so many things together long before we have any idea what He is planning. The Lead guitarist and singer in the City Harmonic band, Aaron Powell - has an aunt, uncle and cousin that are members of our church. Aaron and his family, including his parents and brother, visit our church on a regular basis, whenever they are here visiting their family. They are wonderful, godly people and we always feel blessed to have them worship with us. But I always knew God had some plan in the works with this and it's exciting to now see it unfold - or at least part of it! :-)

Be sure NOT TO MISS this amazing event this Friday! It will be so uplifting, spiritual and powerful! Even though two churches are hosting this - we have FIVE churches from various denominations that are all coming together to support this and explore how we can work together in the future! We LOVE our friends at Webster UMC and they have already been a great blessing to us in so many ways! (Including the fact that our BHCC Youth Group joins their amazing Youth Group called SWITCH!)

Spread the WORD - There is really only ONE CHURCH of Christ - that's right - ONE Father - ONE Holy Spirit - ONE God - ONE Baptism - ONE Savior - and ONE Body of Christ! The churches in our area have been terrible about being willing to work together and support each other for the sake of Christ. They all get so focused on the differences we have instead of focusing on the most important thing - We are all brothers and sisters in Christ ! So please friends, pray for their to be more UNITY in Christian churches in our area! It all begins in prayer! And HEY - COME to this concert event this Friday night! Support it and do your part to help bring the Body of Christ TOGETHER as ONE FAMILY!!!