BHCC'S Best Open House Ever!

By Pastor Lin on 11/15/2014

Our BHCC Open House may have come to an end but we are still praising God abundantly and celebrating all He has done in the last 4 weeks! We had almost 60 first-time visitors and that has to be an all time record for our previous Open Houses! Many of those visitors continue to come back and worship with us and we pray that God would call many of them to become long-time members of our church family! We feel very honored and blessed to have met so many wonderful people!

We are also celebrating how well our going to two Sunday services has been! (We now have four weeks under our belts!) I heard many of our hard working volunteers say it's been much easier than they thought it would be and everyone seems to be truly enjoying the whole two services experience! We've had some folks that we haven't seen in quite some time return to our church because it's now possible for them to come with our having an earlier service! PTL! We are thrilled to have them back! :-)

We had around 20 people attend our BHCC 101-401 C.L.A.S.S.'s last Sunday afternoon and we all had an awesome time in the four different classes! The pizza and wings afterwards was very delicious as well!

We are also very pleased with how our brand new Youth Group called SWITCH has been going! Pastor John has been having a great time leading the kids in worship! You might recognize some faces below!

God is soooo GOOD! The very best thing is that God is using our church to change lives forever more! We are making a huge difference in our community and in the Kingdom of God! OUR GOD gets all the credit for that for sure but we are so grateful to be invited by Him to be a part of His redemptive work in the world!  There is nothing more gratifying or satisfying than that!

Jesus isn't just the reason for the season - Jesus is the reason for EVERYTHING!!!!

Thank you so much to all BHCC's MANY ~ Hard working volunteers that make this church a church that God can use! Without all of you - we wouldn't be here!