Pastor John's Blog

Easter Sunday is almost here!

By Pastor John on 4/13/2022

We had a great Palm Sunday service and it's been great to see more and more of our people returning to in-person services!

We're really excited about our Easter service this year.  It will probably be our biggest service in 3 years!  Last year, we were still in the thick of the pandemic and the year before, we were still shut down.  We have prizes to give away and we're doing some of our favorite worship songs.

We're also planning an ultra violet scavenger hunt this year for the kids where each child will receive a special flashlight (to keep) as they search the kids' theater for clues.  This is an interactive way to teach them about Christ's resurrection.  We even have an empty tomb that kids can go inside.

We hope you can make it and join us this Sunday!