Blessed Hope believes that digital arts are a powerful means to spread Christ's love.  We make media a regular part of our services.

Sunday Mornings:
At every service, we use a 5-minute video clip to set the stage for our message.  These clips are thought-provoking and entertaining.  We often use clips from popular secular movies that reveal deeper spiritual truths.  We also play videos that our own media team has created or videos that other churches have made.

The lyrics to all our worship songs are displayed on a HUGE screen above the worship team so that everyone may follow along regardless of whether they know the songs.  The slides are carefully designed and backgrounds carefully chosen to enhance the worship.  We use nature backgrounds for many of our songs to reveal the creative power of God.

You will also find an array of interesting animations and art integrated into our worship services.

Blessed Hope believes in reaching out and inviting others to God's Church.  We believe that church "advertising" is consistent with the Great Commission and allows us to invite our friends and neighbors.

In addition to direct mailers, Blessed Hope uses a host of print materials, a website and word of mouth to invite new friends to join us on our journey.