Pastor John's Blog
Dec 14

Written by: Pastor John
12/14/2016 3:58 PM 

We're very excited about our Christmas Eve services coming up on Dec. 24 at 3:45pm and 5:00pm.  If you're in the Rochester or Webster, NY area and looking for a place to go on Christmas Eve, we invite you to join us!

In addition to singing some of your favorite Christmas songs, part of our service will be in 3D.  Yes, you'll need a pair of 3D glasses for this but we'll be handing them out at the door.

We also have a few more surprises in store but we don't want to give these away.

One thing that I love about Christmas Eve is the fact that Christ comes first.  Before our Christmas Eve dinners and before gifts are given, we start by remembering the very most important thing... the birth of Christ.  Celebrating the birth of Christ and what He came to do is best part of Christmas!

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